We are the only farm with resilient and disease-free shrimp.

Our intensive genetic program is unlike any other in the world. We are currently the only company utilizing advanced DNA techniques to virtually eliminate inbreeding, but those same techniques are improving both growth and survival rates as well.

We don’t just focus on growth rates because we believe that the survival rates are just as important. Our advanced DNA testing techniques allow us to test over 1,000 families per year while using a selection pressure greater than 1% to obtain generations of improved results; including survival rates of 75%–80%.

Consistent, Continued Testing

While we are pioneering and furthering our genetic research, we also know that it is still in its infancy in the industry. At API, we are testing our methods every day of the year to continue to develop healthier, sustainable shrimp.

With the availability of our genetically, DNA-selected, high vigor breeder shrimp we strive to increase production over the coming years.

Worldwide Shipping - Available Year Round

Both API’s breeders and PLs can be shipped year round. Our Southwest Florida location gives us convenient, quick access to four international airports including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft Myers. This access allows us to get our shrimp anywhere in the world with quick turnaround times.

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