World leading supplier of high vigor & SPF shrimp

Superior Breeding
Means Superior Quality

American Penaeid is the largest shrimp farming company in America. While it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow profitable shrimp crops, we work hard to supply our customers with the most vigorous and resilient shrimp possible by breeding High Vigor shrimp.

Super Shrimp

Improving growth and survival rates for healthy and strong shrimp

High Vigor & SPF Certified

High Vigor and Specific Pathogen Free for worldwide shipping

Disease Resistance

Broodstock that is stronger to yield better production year after year


Industry-leaders in advanced genetic DNA testing techniques

Based in the USA

We are an entirely US-based company in southwest Florida


Conveniently located within hours of four international airports

It’s All About Genetics

Our intense genetic testing is far ahead of the current industry standards. Many companies have found it difficult to stabilize the environments in which the shrimp are raised. At API, we’ve found that selectively breeding shrimp that are tolerant of constantly changing conditions, have resulted in stronger stock that are able to survive in even the most challenging environments.

Why American Penaeid Shrimp?

  • Groundbreaking, superior genetic testing
  • Our broodstock are High Vigor and certified Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)
  • We can ship anywhere worldwide
  • We guarantee you get the shrimp you are paying for