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Since 2014, American Penaeid Inc. has been pioneering the shrimp industry with unique and intense genetic testing. With on-site geneticists and DNA testing, our shrimp are undeniably healthier and more sustainable than any others.

High Vigor and SPF Certified Shrimp

We took the practices that have been thriving in Ecuador and turned them into a worldwide reality. Ecuador focused on creating High Vigor shrimp versus the more traditional SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) shrimp. This process has caused their market to thrive and grow continuously. At API, we took this thriving idea and built on it.

While Ecuador’s high vigor stocks are doing well, because they are not SPF, they cannot be exported everywhere. API’s US-based facility produces both High Vigor and SPF certified shrimp, enabling us to ship them anywhere worldwide. Today, API is the worldwide leader in High Vigor and SPF certified shrimp with proven results in growth and sustainability. Our leading technology research, and industry-leading genetics are dominating the industry.

Quality that’s Guaranteed

At API, we ensure that your shrimp will be exactly what you’ve asked for, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. We proudly stand behind our shrimp and view customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

Working with the Best

President Robin Pearl is an entrepreneur who has founded several companies in diverse fields with sustainable undertones. In 2014, he co-founded API and worked to build it into the largest indoor shrimp farm in the United States. API is now successfully producing all natural, chemical-free and fresh shrimp available year-round in commercial quantities for markets across the world.

Certified Quality

The industry was in need of a better choice for seedstock, and our experienced, qualified team decided to do just that. We are the only team with on-staff geneticists and DNA testing to ensure a quality that nobody else can.

Proudly certified by Florida Division of Aquaculture and registered aquaculture export facility with USDA/APHIS.

Join Our Team

American Penaeid is a rapidly growing company, and we are always looking for talented, ambitious individuals to join our team. Contact us for a list of available positions.

Worldwide Shipping - Available Year Round

Both API’s breeders and PLs can be shipped year round. Our Southwest Florida location gives us convenient, quick access to four international airports including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft Myers. This access allows us to get our shrimp anywhere in the world with quick turnaround times.

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